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Biodiversity Data Literacy Survey


We are asking for your help to define the core biodiversity and data literacy skills needed for undergraduate biology majors. 

The goal is to use these data to guide a set of recommendations for improving undergraduate biology training and meeting increasing workforce demands in both data and biodiversity sciences.


Please consider joining this effort and completing this anonymous survey if you are in one or more of the following groups:


     ●Educators who teach and/or supervise undergraduate or graduate students in the biological sciences

     ●Organismal, ecological, and environmental researchers who generate and use large aggregated biodiversity datasets

     ●Discipline-based education researchers

     ●Data scientists and biodiversity informaticians

     ●Curators or researchers working with natural history collections


The survey should take you approximately 15-25 minutes to complete.


This is an initiative of the Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education Research Coordination Network (BLUE). BLUE is an inclusive community of biodiversity, data, and education researchers working to identify a transferrable set of core biodiversity data competencies for undergraduates, develop strategies for integrating these competencies into the introductory biology curriculum, and build capacity for sustained development and implementation of biodiversity and data literacy education. 


Thank you in advance for your input and efforts.


BLUE Biodiversity Data Competencies Team:


Anna Monfils, Central Michigan University

Natalie Douglas, Central Michigan University

Alexa Clemmons, University of Washington

Debra Linton, Central Michigan University

Elizabeth Ellwood, La Brea Tar Pits & Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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