Hello Shadowing Mentors!


On behalf of the Biodiversity Careers Workshop Planning Team, many thanks for your interest in working with undergraduate student shadows on ADD DATE HERE! There has been a lot of enthusiasm for the event; we currently have a waiting list for students wishing to participate. A special thanks to ADD Venue Contact Name HERE, Teresa Mayfield, Mare Nazaire, and Libby Ellwood who have been helping secure facilities, engage shadow leaders, and prepare for the day.


During the Shadowing time, the goal is to provide the students with a 'typical' (though likely idealized) version of your day. We would like shadow leaders (you) to engage with students, talk with them about their career goals, and, as possible, provide a bit of mentorship. If you often have work study students, or early career staff, it could be interesting to have them involved as well.


We are notifying the shadow participants of their shadow assignments today. The assignments and the student confirmation information is available here: ADD LINK HERE.

You will also be included on the email to students notifying them they have been accepted and will be working with you for the day. We do have a waitlist, so we will be arranging for waitlisted students to be assigned if we get a cancellation.


When notifying participants, I will share recommendations on what to wear including comfortable, work-appropriate attire that can get dirty, closed-toed shoes, and pants or skirts that cover the legs. Additionally, for students with long hair, we will ask that they use a hair tie or some mechanism to confine hair while working in the collections. If you have additional recommendations, you can reach out directly to the students with specific information.


Shadowing will take place at two locations: (1) ADD LOCATION HERE; and (2) ADD LOCATION HERE.


For the participants at the ADD LOCATION & details here.


If you would like to join us for lunch at ADD LOCATION HERE, just let us know so we can arrange an extra meal. We welcome your participation. We also realize this is a bit of a trek for lunch. We appreciate the time you are available to spend with the participants.


All workshop info can be found at ADD LINK HERE


A tentative agenda that is being finalized for the webpage can be found at: ADD LINK HERE


We will be adding additional information and posting this on the workshop website  in the coming days. 


Thank you all for all of your help.

Anna Monfils and Gabriela Hogue