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BLUE is a proud co-founder and co-organizer of this event, hosted by the SPNHC Education Committee.  

Natural History Education DemoCamp

June 14-15

Join us for this Free event! 

Are you interested in sharing your resources? 


Do you want to discover new ways to connect your students to nature and still meet learning objectives? (Including K-12 standards or Vision & Change Recommendations). Do you work with natural history specimens and have a resource you would like to share, or get feedback from other educators on?

The Natural History Education (NHE) DemoCamp is designed to provide materials and resources to teachers, educators, and faculty looking for easy to adopt educational materials that engage students with the natural world. The NHE DemoCamp format allows educators access to open education resources and provides opportunities to discuss these resources with the teachers and educators who developed the materials. For the presenters, the NHE DemoCamp provides a platform to share your resources and materials, and creates a place to exchange ideas and receive feedback from your peers.

With the goal of making this accessible, this will be an informal (but organized) series of small open sessions where presenters can talk about materials and participants can ask questions as needed. Materials will be available in advance and participants are free to attend as many or as few sessions as they see fit and their schedule allows.  A schedule with links to resources will be provided before the conference. Come and go as you please! Pick and choose presentations that are of interest to you.

Are you interested in sharing your resources? Educators work hard to develop educational materials that are impactful and help students learn important concepts.  Sharing resources expands the impact of your educational materials and provides accessible resources for educators. Please consider sharing your materials at the 2022 DemoCamp. Materials do not have to be perfect! This is your opportunity to workshop your ideas. Share what you have and get great feedback from your fellow educators.  If you would like to share your materials online and via a virtual “poster session” learn more about what it means to present in our Presenter Notes. Also please enjoy the video to the right created by one of our organizers from 2021!

The Natural History Education DemoCamp concept evolved from the successful model created by from the Ecological Society of America. The 2022 SPNHC DemoCamp will be our third virtual event and our second where we partner across societies in the natural sciences.

Event Details

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