BLUE Resources

Cleaning Biodiversity Data: Excel
Access and clean an open source polar bear dataset using Excel.
The Power of Data Standards
Investigate data standards within the context of the alpine chipmunk and the Grinnell study.
Following the Data
Learn how researchers are using digital data resources to investigate biodiversity.
Louse Genetics, Genomics, and Gene Function...Oh My!
Students will be investigating a louse gene and evolution of the louse ecomorphs.
Birds and Lice: Reciprocal Natural Selection
This exercise investigates the form and function of lice and their relationship to their bird host.
Louse and Human Coevolution
This module examines the complicated co-evolution of Lice, Humans, and Great Apes
Movement: Nature's Flying Machines (Online)
(Adapted for online) Evolution of Powered flight in vertebrates and invertebrates
Data Visualization
This is an introduction to the idea of data visualization and the importance of presenting data for understanding.
Communicating with Data: Digital Data Resources
Undergraduate research using digital biodiversity data.
Communicating with Data: Infographic with Digital Data
Create a data graphic for digital biodiversity data.
21st Century STEM Workforce Skills
Foster development of 21st century STEM skills.
GBIF Tutorial
A user guide and video instructions for GBIF
iDigBio Tutorial
A user guide and video instructions for iDigBio
Arctos Tutorial
A user guide and video instructions for Arctos
Backward Design with Digital Data
Best practices for designing educational modules using biodiversity data
Data Ethics
Data ethics and the use of digital data
Nature's Flying Machines
Explore the physics of flight and the adaptations that make powered flight possible.
Data is the New Science
Introduce emerging biodiversity data resources.
Amphibian Diversity
Investigate the relationship between precipitation levels and species diversity.
Species Range Shifts
Investigate species range shifts using data from natural history collections.
Liberating Data for Research
Familiarize yourself with the informational content of biodiversity specimens and their labels.
Citizen Science and Collections
Use plant collections to engage students with biodiversity data protocols and resources.
Exploring Data with BISON
Explore aggregated observation and collection information through BISON.
Island Biogeography
Investigate island biogeography using data from online natural history collections.
The Evolution of Flowering Plants
Use data from natural history collections to explore the diversity of flower adaptations.
Butterfly Phenology
Explore changes in butterfly phenology through the use of natural history collections data.
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