Educational Materials

Nature's Flying Machines
Explore the physics of flight and the adaptations that make powered flight possible.
Data is the New Science
Introduce emerging biodiversity data resources.
Following the Data
Learn how researchers are using digital data resources to investigate biodiversity.
Amphibian Diversity
Investigate the relationship between precipitation levels and species diversity.
Species Range Shifts
Investigate species range shifts using data from natural history collections.
Liberating Data for Research
Familiarize yourself with the informational content of biodiversity specimens and their labels.
Citizen Science and Collections
Use plant collections to engage students with biodiversity data protocols and resources.
Exploring Data with BISON
Explore aggregated observation and collection information through BISON.
Island Biogeography
Investigate island biogeography using data from online natural history collections.
The Evolution of Flowering Plants
Use data from natural history collections to explore the diversity of flower adaptations.
Butterfly Phenology
Explore changes in butterfly phenology through the use of natural history collections data.
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